Coastal Pain’s physician assistant (PA-C) works with our doctors to manage the full spectrum of a patient’s pain management. Collaborating with our physician, the PA-C tailors treatment of pain based on multiple factors that include level of discomfort, type of pain, focal or diffuse nature of pain experienced, and overall impact on function in daily life.

Gina Giron, P.A.

I began my PA journey over 10 years ago at King’s College in Pennsylvania (where I was born and raised), and have since moved to Southern California in 2010 and started my career in Los Angeles and Carlsbad, CA.  I graduated in an accelerated Master’s program with a Masters of Physician Assistant degree.

Before Coastal Pain & Spinal Diagnostics, I lived and worked in Los Angeles, where I was a PA in Orthopedics, catering to some of Hollywood’s big names in Beverly Hills.  I then switched gears from adult orthopedics to pediatric orthopedics at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles for nearly 5 years before moving to Oceanside, CA. I’ve been happy to treat patients here at Coastal Pain since 2017.

When I’m not working with patients at Coastal Pain & Spinal Diagnostics, you can find me spending time with my husband, Charlie, and son, Charlie, who definitely keeps us on our toes. Aside from spending quality time with my family, I love to travel and spend time at our beautiful beaches.

Fun fact:
– I was born in Scranton, PA (yes, like The Office)!