Adjuvant medications and therapies are medications and treatments used to help treat pain that are often used alone or in conjunction with opioid therapy.

It is important to understand that these medications and treatments exist, and to talk with your doctor about adding these therapies if they are not already part of your pain regimen. When used in conjunction with opioid therapy, they have shown to reduce the amount of opioid medications needed and decrease the risk of tolerance.

Only you and your doctor together can determine which medications and other treatment therapies are appropriate to help treat your medical condition.

You should empower yourself by becoming educated about not only your medical condition, but also about the medications and treatment options available to manage your condition.

When it comes to pain management there is a wide variety of medication categories in addition to opioids used to treat pain. These include but are not limited to:


2) Oral Steroids

3) Acetaminophen

4) Anticonvulsants

5) Benzodiazepines

6) Muscle Relaxants

7) Antidepressants

8) Anti-Rheumatics

9) Migraine Medications

10) Dopamine Stimulants

11) Gout Medications

12) Sleep Aids

13) Medications to treat side effects such as: Constipation, Nausea, and/or Sedation