Welcome to My Pain Tools. I am Dr. Yogi. I hope you find this online patient education tutorial informative and entertaining. Knowledge is power and we hope we can inspire you to empower yourself into a happier and more functional life. So open your tool box, because we are going add a few new tools to it today.

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The purpose of this online tutorial is to provide you, the patient, and your family members the tools and information needed to better understand and manage the chronic pain you or your loved ones suffer from.

The economic impact of chronic pain is staggering. The annual total cost of pain from all causes is estimated to be more than $100 billion.

Un-measureable is the cost and burden chronic pain places on those suffering from it. Although we may never be able to eliminate chronic pain, we can learn to live with it and overcome its limitations. You can empower yourself with the tools needed to achieve a happier and more functional life.

We can only scratch the surface on some of the important topics that surround pain management. We hope that what you learn today inspires you to seek out more information.

As you will learn shortly the power of laughter can be an important pain tool, and so we have tried to bring laughter and entertainment to you in this tutorial. We hope to keep you moving forward in life.

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