About the Opioid Safety Course

Opioid therapy – when used safely – can be a very important part of a patient’s treatment plan for chronic non-terminal pain. That being said, opioid medications and medications similar to opioids in the wrong hands and when misused can have deadly consequences. The lack of knowledge about these medications and their appropriate use has often led to a deadly outcome. When used appropriately, they can often help restore one’s quality of life and function.

Therefore, knowledge is power; this course was designed to educate not only our patients, but the community and referring physicians alike on the facts and opinions behind opioid therapy.

The following course will cover a wide range of issues surrounding these medications. It is important that you complete the course fully. There is an optional section after the course that we recommended you read as well. In order to establish that you have understood the information, you will be given a set of questions to answer. Upon completion of the course you will also be given a printable “Certification of Completion.” We recommend you provide a copy of this certification to your primary care physician and the physician prescribing your medications so they may scan it into your medical records.

The benefit to patients who use these drugs correctly is tremendous. Therefore, it is vital that we understand and develop better and safer practices to protect both our patients and the community from the misuse of these medications, or they will no longer be available in the future.