STOP! Put down that large purse and take off those high heels!

Large bags, heavy backpacks and incorrect shoes are now a major culprit for long term chronic pain such as back pain.

If you use a large purse than make sure you transfer the weight often by switching shoulders and try to buy bags with wide padded double straps. Limit the bag weight to no more than 10% of your body weight.

If your children use backpacks for school limit the weight to 15% of the child’s weight and do not allow them to wear the backpack on a single strap.

Avoid high-heeled shoes, cowboy boots, and sandal flip flops as they fail to give enough cushion to your steps.

Try to choice a well cushioned shoe that provides comfort, stability with good arch support and helps you always maintain a good posture.

It is all about good POSTURE!!! Poor posture secondary to bad accessories places too much uneven wear on the discs, joints and ligaments of the back.

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