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Pain Management & Spinal Diagnostics in Carlsbad and San Diego, CA

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Pain Management & Spinal Diagnostics in Carlsbad and San Diego, CA

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Pain Management & Spinal Diagnostics in Carlsbad and San Diego, CA

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ATTENTION: Electronic Medical System Down Until Further Notice!

As an affiliated clinic of Scripps Healthcare, we have been plagued by the recent disruption of our electronic medical system and are unable to access any patient information at this time.

We are still conducting some telemedicine follow up appointments, consultations, urine testing, pain pump refills and procedures that were scheduled before the attack, but are not able to request authorizations, or view patient charts. We are, however, able to schedule some appointments through 6/30/21 at this time using a secure offline system.

If you require a medication refill or referral, you will need to come by our office during business hours for a handwritten prescription.

We hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible, but do not have any timeline from Scripps as to when this will happen.

For questions or concerns please call our office directly at 760-753-7127. Thank you for your patience and understanding. *updated 5/11/21

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San Diego Pain Management Doctors

For many people, pain is a constant presence. It can make daily tasks difficult, or it can be entirely debilitating. The pain management doctors at Coastal Pain & Spinal Diagnostics specialize in managing and treating acute and chronic pain that has not responded to conventional treatments such as rest, medication, physical therapy, and surgery.

Our patients are individuals who, along with their physicians, are seeking alternative, advanced treatment options for their unrelenting pain caused by injury, illness, or disease. Working together with you, we can help relieve or decrease your pain and assist your return to your daily activities.

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We Welcome New Patients

We are committed to each of our patients – and the medical community – to be the best center for pain management in San Diego County. Our accomplished team of physicians and specialists is devoted to providing you with the highest quality medical care. Treatment plans are designed to combat your pain – helping you return to the most functional and productive lifestyle possible.

Our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach reduces pain and restores function while focusing our care where it belongs – on you, the patient. When you need a pain management expert, turn to our experienced pain management doctors for quality, compassionate care.

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Abbott Research Study

We are currently enrolling participants who:
• Are at least 18 years old
• Have chronic (at least 6 months), refractory axial low back pain with neuropathic component and is not a candidate for spine surgery
• Have not had spine surgery for back or leg pain
• Have back pain greater than leg pain
• Have not used a drug pump or had previous experience with a neuromodulation device (including a failed trial)
• Are willing to attend regular follow-up visits over a 2-year period

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