Understanding Your Medications

my pain tools understanding medicationMedication management can often be a big component in one’s pain management regimen.

Only you and your doctor together can determine if medications (and which medications) are appropriate for you to help treat your medical condition.

Medication can be very beneficial, but they are not without risks and side effects. It is important to only take your medication as prescribed by your doctor and report any side effects you notice.

Low impact exercises are a good choice of aerobic activity that will not jar the spine or aggravate the joints.

You should empower yourself by educating yourself not only about your disease but also the medications you take to manage your condition. As a patient you should take it upon yourself to understand the medications you take and the associated side effects, as well as asking questions if you have any concerns.

When deciding on medications your doctor will often consider when and during which activities your pain manifests itself, as well as the nature and kind of pain you have.