smoking pain managementIt has been repeatedly shown that smoking cigarettes is linked to many diseases including chronic pain.

Smokers report on average 3 times more pain such as in back pain than non-smokers. Studies have shown that woman who smoke are even more likely than men to develop back pain.

Smoking increases pro-inflammatory substances which increases your risk of osteoporosis, decreases nutrition to the body and leads to poor circulation, all of which can cause disc damage and increase back pain.

Smokers are exposed to many harmful substances, two of which are nicotine and carbon monoxide. Both of them deprive disc cells of vital nutrients and cause disc degeneration.

The road to a smoke-free life may be a bumpy one, but the long term benefits make the journey worth it. There are many programs and tools to help anyone who wants to stop smoking. However, the first step is to make the decision to quit. Talk to your doctor today to decide the best game plan to get you to a smoke-free and pain-free life.