sleep pain managementPain often keeps one from getting proper night’s sleep and the sleeplessness makes the pain worse; it’s a vicious cycle.

Studies have reported that 50%-80% of patients with chronic pain do not get proper sleep. Poor sleep also affects your mood by increasing depression which worsens your pain.

Pain often disrupts the normal sleep cycle causing one not get enough deep and REM sleep which are important parts of the sleep cycle. They are vital in order to get a good night’s rest. Chronic pain patients are known to have microarousals that affect their overall sleep. These microarousals often do not affect non-chronic pain patients.

Some pain medications can cause increased sleep disturbances, however other pain medications can aid in a good night’s sleep, therefore it is important to discuss with your doctor your pain medications if you have poor sleep habits.

Undiagnosed sleep apnea can sometimes be the cause of poorly controlled pain. If you suspect you might have sleep apnea consult with your doctor. Treating sleep apnea can often improve your quality of life.

Making proper sleep a priority in your management goals is very important.