Ergonomists have attempted to define postures which minimize unnecessary static work and reduce the forces acting on the body.

The goal of proper body ergonomics is try to keep your spine, from head to toe, as aligned as possible.

Also, it is important to stay active and avoid prolonged sitting or standing positions. Remember in your daily activities use your legs and engage your abdominal muscles instead of forcing the workload onto your back or neck. Take the time to evaluate your day to day activities and see how you can improve your posture while doing simple things such as getting out of your car or brushing your teeth.

The section on ergonomics can be endless. Here we will focus on only a few important areas of proper ergonomics such as lifting, sitting, standing and sleeping.

By being mindful of the ergonomic principles when it comes to lifting, sitting, standing and sleeping one can significantly aid in the management of their chronic pain condition.