Coping Skills

Coping by definition is “purposeful efforts to manage the negative impact of stress” With chronic pain this often refers to the efforts made to live through pain, and maintain activity and function in spite of pain.

Using the mind along with other pain management therapies can be very powerful in increasing your sense of control and learning to live with pain without it interfering with your well-being.

Fighting against pain can be counter-productive, self-defeating, and a reflection of one's lack of acceptance of one's condition. Rather than trying to fight the pain, manage it, cope with it, and acknowledge other areas of your life you have control over. Using a coping skill is something you can control, it may not "control" your pain, but in choosing to use a coping skill, it may indirectly decrease your pain by making you feel more empowered, energetic, accomplished, etc.

When trying to develop your own set of coping tools try to incorporate some of the key techniques listed here.